Our people

Olivier DELAS
mksA (HK) Ltd owner, Acoustics and Vibration Consultant

¬†Olivier’s detailed resume is available here: Olivier DELAS mksA dec14

Olivier is a senior building acoustic consultant who has been based in Hong Kong for 7 years. He has been involved as a project manager in several high-profile building acoustics projects delivered in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and China.

He has a deep knowledge of local products, construction methods and way of working is a great asset in proposing a design that is locally feasible. For Building acoustic projects he is responsible for:

– Determining Acoustics Criteria (background noise, sound insulation, room reverberation time)
– Conducting Site Acoustics/Vibration preliminary assessment and environmental impact
– Full acoustic Design in accordance with project requirements
– Handle day to day issues during the different project stages with multidisciplinary team members
– Attend acoustics/vibration related technical/coordination meetings and design workshops
– Conduct site visits during construction and test and commissioning

In addition to his expertise in building acoustics, his strong knowledge of acoustics and vibration metrology in particular has allowed him to deliver high level consultancy projects such as acoustics/vibration test and commissioning of trains / ships, vibration investigations of MVAC equipment in high-end buildings, energy efficiency test of appliances.

As the owner of mksA, Olivier is also responsible to manage all current projects, equipment and successfully deliver budget targets. Olivier also conducts business development activities during exhibition, tender or new client prospects so as to ensure new projects are continuously brought in to the company.

Olivier’s detailed resume is available here: Olivier DELAS mksA dec14